Software Development

We plan, design and develop custom software and online solutions that help your business grow.

Here’s why you might choose us

We are reasonably priced

We understand business issues and how to build software systems to solve them

Our interfaces are attractive and easy to use

Your system needs to be fully Integrated and supported

The Intellectual Property remains yours

We like to talk, we get to know our customers and their companies

Do you fancy a cup of coffee?

It’s easy! We meet, chat over a cup of coffee about how your business currently works, the problem that you want to solve, and your software needs Once we have understood, we put together your list of requirements and make you a proposal with the estimated costs. That’s how we begin.

With over 10 years experience dealing with companies from different industries, we know the questions to ask to fully understand your business requirements.

We deliver software solutions that are user friendly and fully supported. Our technical expertise allows you to get on with business.

What happens now?

So we have had a cup of coffee, made a proposal with costs and you have selected us as your software development partner, great! What then?


We meet the key people
Involved in the project, most importantly the people who will use the system, so we fully understand your business processes and project needs.


We get technical
Build a project plan, designing and documenting systems to build a Functional Specification detailing the requirements. Don’t worry we understand all this stuff and will guide you. We will take you through each step of the proposal, providing a complete breakdown of costs and timescales for approval.


We start building the system
Providing you with mock ups of the interface, structure of the business logic and the data that the system will produce. Then we talk some more to ensure we are on track, or to add in some additional functionality we have thought of.


We bring it all together
Into a system that users can operate, working with some of your key staff to test the system as we go.


We implement
In phases or steps, depending on what works for you. We test on site and get lots of feedback on how it’s working. After all it’s your system!


We train the team

Making sure everyone knows how to use the system functions relevant to their jobs, and provide documentation when needed.


We stick around!
We’re here for maintenance and support. This is just the beginning of our relationship.
Have an idea for a project? Get a quote now!