About Us

We are a software and web development company based in Dublin, Ireland

Our clients include companies in the private and public sector and range from small to medium sized companies in Ireland, UK, Spain and France among others.

Swappsi was founded in Dublin in 2009 with the primary objective of helping businesses beat the current economic climate by developing high quality software and web solutions that will lead to more efficient internal business processes and increased productivity.


We have since expanded our services to provide talented dedicated development resources (Software developers, UX/UI designers, App developers, QA Testers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, etc) at affordable prices.

Software Development Outsourcing

We create value for our clients with solutions that support their business goals

Our staff has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry providing custom software and web solutions. A proven track record delivering solutions to medium and small public and private enterprises is your guarantee to a successful partnership.

Our focus is on creating a solution that addresses the needs of the business with the most effective technology.

We also provide other services that complement our products and allow us to give our customers an all-in-one solution. Such services are:

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